Through The Divergent Lens

Dear peers and fellows, as a longterm decentralized umbrella vision behind of the all our projects and initiatives, dedicated to the future of algorithmic diversity. It was created with a goal to keep and develop all the objectives and mechanisms further - in a long-perspective, keeping its modular nature, end-to-end complexity, transparency and impact. From technology and research to policy and democratization, we continue to shape the vision of the zero exclusion ecosystems, algorithms, frameworks and mechanisms of interdisciplinary approach, taking into account complexity of the divergence research, comorbidity, intersectionality, gender, social criteria.

Over 80% of neurodirgent individuals are not employed, only 1/10 of people with neuro disabilities have access to inclusive technology. Neurodivergent women are misdiagnosed and mistreated due to the use of the same criteria and diagnostics, that are used for men. From cultural, institutional and technology perspectives even exceptional divergent minds, mental differences and abilities are stigmatized and socially rejected as "type b", kept as marginalized communities. In fact, until today ecosystems were designed by one vision/men and after that, we just tried to “include” others to this monopoly of design thinking: women, neurodivergent or disabled people, ethnic minorities. Even though it doesn’t fit them – its nature, logic, mechanism, and definitions…


Research. Not only there is not so much existing research focused on convergence of society, accessible technology, ai, robotics, human-centered ecosystems and interfaces, but at the same time we face a dramatic disconnection between technology and social science that plays a critial role in reflecting of social criteria, comorbidity, gender, intersectionality, demography and a variety of paramaters.

Algorithms. From social robots for assistive education, ai for dyslexia, augmented reality and emotion recognition, biofeedback to control external environments and interfaces, technology brings fascinating promises, but in the end, the outcomes depend on who and how ask questions. Our objective is further evolving to complex ecosystems which connect all these mechanisms into transparent, fair and biasless environment which accessible to everyone.

Adoption. Not only people evolve technology, but technology evolve humanity, creating new roles, ecosystems and environments, including convergence of education and engineering, nursing and robotics, technology and bioethics. Our objective is to facilitate this convergence, related frameworks and mechanisms to empower cross-disciplinary adoption across classrooms, workplaces, ecosystems, cities.

On a mission.
Yonah MDN